diferences sxs/sx

hello I am new to the forum an allready have a question

where are the obvious differences between sxs 250 and sx 250 year 2005

sxs should have a hgs exhaust,brakes.....???

SX is KTM's motocross like of bikes (125SX, 450SX, etc.).

SXS is KTM's line of "factory" upgrade parts (SXS forks, SXS oversized brake rotor and caliper mount, SXS exhaust made by FMF, etc.).

Any of the bikes they produce can be "hopped up" with the SXS parts. They are sold through KTM dealers from the "HardParts" catalog, look in the "PowerParts" section for some examples.

in 2005 forks, shock, clamps, ignition, brake discs, bar clamps, ignition cover ,pipe , and price sxs model sale only in europe (pre order no in stock )

I stand corrected!

I'm speaking from US specs.........................

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