Calling SPUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Sputter!!! I've got a question for you reguarding your endcap design.The tubing you are using,what was your source for the material?What was the wall thickness of the tubing?And when you speak of 1/2 in & 3/8 is that a I.D. or O.D.?

I'm in the process of making a silencer for my WR w/ YZ pipe & PMB endcap as well.Just ordered a SenDec Tach & a Radio Shack digital db meter! I plan on making at least two versions and testing them within the next month or so.BTW I also read the thread about Measuring The Db that spawned your design.If things go well my set-up should be all stainless steel less the tubing and should have some type of polished finish.Thanks for the inspiration :):D

I haven't been able to find any 3/8" tubing. Sputter where did you find yours?


I bought 1 1/2 " dia stainless steel handrails from Home Depot in the plumbing section and used the returns for the downtube - costs about $15 as I recall, and you get two! Just about any hardware store carries them. Sizes are O.D.


I bought my 3/8 inch tube from a welding shop years ago. However specializes in small orders for metal stock for machining, tubing etc. and carries 3/8" 4130 steel tubing for about $3.00 a foot. It's a great site for hobby enthusiasts or small shops to get about any kind of metal stock.

For the WR stock pipes I'm working on machined aluminum insert that will hopefully flow more with the same sound level as the tubing type vortip. I'll keep you guys posted once I get far enough along. If it works I'll post the design.


Thanks Sputter,Already have the tailpipes made up.Home Depot handrails.Experimenting w/ 4 & 5 in.lenghts.Thanks for the link on onlinemetals.Do you recollect the wall thickness of the tubing?

I used 049 wall because that's what I had - but I'd use the thinnest possible for weight considerations if I had a choice.

Thanks once again Sputter :)

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