CR250 2002 Forks

Are there any size differences in the forks from a 2001 and 2002 bike?

Could I bolt 2002 forks straight onto a 2001 bike and still use the same braking setup etc?


I did that and as far as I can remember it was the same 01, 02.I have a set of 01 forks if u need them.

The CR/CRF KYB and Showa forks from 96-03 use the same triple clamps and brake set-ups. Somewhere along the line they went to a narrower axle and the brake side wheel spacer, but I think it was prior to 2001.

Actually its 02 and up where Honda started to use a narrower front axle and spacer. I ordered the wrong one for my 01 before (ordered 03) and it was too short. So you should just need the 02 and up axle and spacer and they should work. I'm just not sure on the front brake although the Honda parts fiche shows the same part #'s for the bracket.

Thanks very much everyone, fuel added.

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