Where are the big bore riders?

I'm restoring an 86' yz490 and could use some help. Right now the motor, rear shock, frame and forks are complete, so I'm looking for advice on plastics and a few other odds and ends. I have pics but don't know how to load them yet.


I stripped the bottom of the motor down from the original black, the polished and clear coated it. The jug was powder coated, and the head was ceramic coated. The frame was also powder coated

good work mate, good to see these things still chugging along, although they tend to be the black duck of yamaha, i do have a soft spot for these and other bikes powerd by the same motor

Its hard to see a bike rusting away beside a shed and not try to bring her back to life.

very sexy! I love the motor. What type of clearcoat spray did you use? I'm considering the same thing for my 250 motor. What brand is it? did you like it? Pricey?

I hope my frame looks as nice as yours after I sand blast it and have it powder coated :thumbsup:

Good work! I can relate to not being able to watch something rust away.


Maier offers plastics for most '80s yamaha bikes fyi. here is the TT page where you can get your plastic- just scroll down to yamaha http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2008/default.asp?p=665

The clear coat is a clear powder coat, good for 4 to 5oo degrees, I believe. I also powder coated the swing arm white to match the frame, and to ad some "bling", I powder coated the shock spring and linkage gold, to match the head. I'll post those pics when I take them.

Nice man, I love the old 490's used to have one in high school, and hve a 490 motor in my current toy.

What made you go with powder coating? I have heard if you scuff off a chunk how do you touch it up? I am thinking using POR-15 because it is about as tough as PC and you can touch it up after that sharp rock shaved off a 4 inch slice of paint. How did you strip off the factory black? Nice bike!

Devil, that motor is beautiful. Cannot wait to see the finished product.

The powder coating is tough, and for chips and small stuff you can use a hair drier to heat it up, and it fixes itself.

here are the dog bones done in gold, shock spring, and then white on my top clamp and pegs




Thats a sweet looking ride NoseKrott. Thanks for the links. I'm trying to get some tank graphics made in gold now. I'm going to go with a light blue seat cover and fork boots. I'll post more pics soon.


Nice!! my mate just finished putting his IT465 engine back together on the weekend and went for a similar look, he bead blasted the barrel, applied some clear to it and then painted the head and cases black. The cylinder also got some porting done while it was off and we are heading out this coming weekend for a few days riding to give it a test run..which means i'll be eating rock's/Boulder's/giant bits of landscape that the blue betty throws out at ya..lol :p

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