devide peak and ortega trail

I live in santa barbara and I was wondering if the trails are open (devide peak and ortega trail) There was a fire that went through, but i do not know if it went right through that area. If noone knows can somone find out what number i can call to find out. I already looked under "Wher to ride"

Rode the Ortega Trail this weekend, Dec 27 2009. To get to it you go past the Fire Station on Route 33 and the Lower Entrance is right at Mile Marker 20.80. It will be on the left, hard to miss it there's no sign, no gate..nothing. Just look to the left at mile marker 20.80 and you will find it. We parked right past that turn and there is a pull out.


We rode our 05-06 Honda CRF450R's on it and they were overheated and pissing out radiator fluid the entire trip. I ran completely out of fluid and had to use the water from my hydration pack to top it back off. VERY VERY TECHNICAL. Rocks, Cliffs, Boulders, MORE ROCKS. The S turns and switch backs are like Z's. Very difficult to manuever. DO NOT BRING A YOUNG INEXPERIENCED RIDER...EVER. Best for trail bikes with an electric start. Some sections you have to walk and throttle your bike over boulders and 3 foot high rocks.

WE DID NOT TURN AROUND ON THIS TRAIL. If you keep on going and keep going, which seems like a nightmare but just keep will run into a campsite at the very top. It has a fire pit, couple picnick tables etc.. When you have FINALLY reached this point, you are past all the hard stuff. We rode due North down a Jeep trail and it took us down and to the right through a forest with a creek. There was lot's of snow and it goes for a couple miles but keep riding. You will pass a Shooting range on your left and highway 33 will be straight ahead, I think this is Cherry Creek top opening for the trail.

We ended up not going back and rode our NON street legal bikes on the street to get back to the truck. It was a 20 mile ride on the street to get back to the lower opening. Very dangerous to ride on this rode, people crash on street bikes every weekend. Best thing would be to bring 2 trucks and have one at the top waiting for you when you are done riding.

Hope this helps anyone looking to ride this trail! IT IS A WORKOUT! But the views are insane! No Signage anywhere along the trail and any sign left is riddled with bullet holes. Bring a GPS if you have it. Verizon doesn't work but ATT has service at the top end of the trail.

You can contact me, TR Catanese, at if you want to know more or see pictures! thanks!

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