Fork rebuild procedure??

Is it necessary to take the dampner out of the bottom tube while I have it apart, or can I just replace the main seals and put it back together?

Thanks for the help.

I was able to replace just the seals after removing the cap, spring and the clip the retains the inside fork seal. Then with a few qiuck pulls( <--- ---> ) the inside seal pops out. Having a seal driver helped out with the reinstall.

If your fork oil is really dirty and fouled it is advisable to pull the dampner rod out and clean all the valving stacks - (bottom of the fork leg and in dampning rod) It is also a good idea to put in new fork guide bushings when replacing seals.Many people just replace the seals and have them leak again right away because the bushings are worn and cause excessive side to side play on the new seals wearing them prematurely.High quality fork oil of the correct weight and someone who has experience rebuilding forks to at least check your work are highly recommended as well. good luck hope this helps!

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