Question about stud gun or good studs

I was looking into buying some studded tires but the trellborg's are so damn expensive. I also found a guy who studs chen shin ( crap ) front and rear for 200.00. Are there any stud guns ( woods studs ) for a good price that are good quality that anyone can recommend.

Heres a matzaball setup I use.

I take hardened hex head sheet metal screws and put them in with a power screwdriver.

I put a drop of super glue on the screw. They stay in pretty good. You can drink beer while doing this.

You might want to check with the guys at WinterStuds.Com . WinterStuds carries a complete line of "Studded Tires", including the "Trelleborg Winter Friction", "Rally Studs", and "Tools/Equipment".

Studs- A friend of mine is actually installing the automotive studs. He uses a hard tire like IRC for front and Vee tire for the rear. He drills a hole, injects a glue and then uses and air gun to install it. It takes him 2 hours per tire. Most sets run between $300-400. It is about the same for the website shown above.

Screws- Most guys I have seen use screws have not had good luck. Canadian riders might have a better system than I have seen locally. They lose a lot of screws every ride, but they love the traction while they work. They may even use a special tire thats ultra hard to hold the screws.

I have a real soft Dunlop 739 (rear tire) studded as an experiment. It failed. First the studs tore out, Then the knobs started tearing. My bike is a KLX 300. It looks like the harder the tire the longer your studs will stay attached.

Studs make a huge difference in the mud. I can put that wheel on any line and climb out of a rut without fighting the front end. It's a spendy addition to winter riding and it adds a huge safety margin.

Good luck on traction. Friends who have used the like them. One tire tore out studs and he replaced it free of charge.

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