CRF ECM cracked

OK guys, I was racing a harescramble today and you'll never guess what happened! A tree jumped right in front of me! I know thats happened to everybody right. Anyway the track went around a tree and turned to the left and I hit the tree leaning at an angle and the hit square on the front number plate. That is the only thing that hit , just the number plate, and it smashed the ECM and cracked it. It still runs but after I saw it makes me a little nervous. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and moved it to a new safer location. Isnt the '08 in a differant location? And is anyone running the Big Gun rev box and how does it work?

Anyinfo would be appreciated......


WOW, nobody has had this problem?

Sounds like a freak accident to me. I'd buy a new one and forget about it. It probably won't happen to you ever again.

Yea, because i will not ride that bike in another harescramble......LOL

Yea man look out for running trees...just mount a saw blade on your front fender and it scares them right out of the way;) in all seriousness, I would definantly get a new ECM, you wouldnt want to get a little water in there and have your bike not start or something

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