Best 2-Stroke oils - Tranny/engine?

Anyone have good luck or bad luck in the engine and tranny with certain kinds of oil?

Im running klotz and have been for a while in both engine and tranny, just wondering if there is anything better out there that i have been missing!?

I'm a klotz fan also!!!! only thing I do different is I mix the gear oil R30 with ATF 50/50, seems to keep the clutch feel great, and everything clean, although I have heard rumors that the klotz gear oil is ATF???

I use Amsoil in all my bikes. I use Dominator mixing oil at 50:1. For the tranny I use 4 stroke 0W-30 oil because its great in winter and I dont get any clutch drag at all.

I also run Amsoil Dominator for mixing in the gas (at 40:1), but I use Bel-Ray GearSaver in my tranny. Seems to work real well for me. :thumbsup:

I might use something different but I get the oil really cheap because my Uncle is a dealer for them.

mobil 1 premix until my stocks depleted, then i'll use amsoil dominator, belray 80w gearsaver in trans. great results here.

i use belray for mixing. seems good. used to use yamalube. i know theres a differance between good mix oil and the walmart brand, but can anyone really notice a differance between name brand mix oils?? i never really compared.

Anyone getting shavings on their magnetic drain plugs?

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