My TTR 90 carb idle fix

I have battling an idle issue with this 2002 since I bought it several years ago. If we left the choke partially on it idled and throttle response was good. Now I'm trying to sell it and several potential buyers balked because it won't idle.

I tried cleaning the carb, removing both jets and soaking in carb cleaner, blowing out with air and blew carb cleaner in every orifice so I thought I had it. Nope. After several cleanings I was no further along as before. So I scanned this site and most of the suggestions were to up the jet to 15 from 12.5 and several said to replace the fuel line. The stealership wanted $17 but did not have one. Two other shops were a bust too. The last shop had them for $4 apiece. So I picked up the 12.5 and 15 hoping one would work along with fuel line.

Installed the 15 and new fuel line and after some adjustments to the Pilot screw (in for rich) idles like a champ. :thumbsup::moon: :moon: :ride: :ride:

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