DER hare scramble 11-16

I went... it was muddy. The MX track was a mess. Got stuck in the water hole twice. Still had fun. :thumbsup: to DER for havin it.

It's a mess every year. Fun though.

It was fun with some serious mud holes. I literally saw one guys bike sinking to the point where I couldn't see his front wheel or fender. I saw another guy blast into one of the mud holes & the bike came to a sudden stop, but the rider didn't.....complete endo into the slop. DER put on a great event!!:thumbsup:

fun i was 2nd in my class on last lap and got stuck in the mud hole would have been alot more fun and easier on your equipment if it was a hair bit drier or if the would have cut the big mud bog there were plenty other mud areas they would test you

anyone got pics

anyone got pics

We camped out there Saturday night.






it was fun! i hope next year its just as muddy...

is that Al ans Willies truck behind you Chris?

How did you do?


yes.. they showed up.. we had just enough room for them.. Tom came with them also.... i did pretty good.. got 4th in b vet

it was fun! i hope next year its just as muddy...

:thumbsup: F-that! :moon:


i still think that huge chunk of mud on your helmet is great.. haha to funny

You have to not fall over and then you wont get soo muddy or just ride fast!! LoL

Wish I cud have came down.

:thumbsup: F-that! :moon:


You have to not fall over and then you wont get soo muddy or just ride fast!! LoL

Wish I cud have came down.

:thumbsup: Hmmm....sounds easy enough. I'll do that next time. :moon:

We'll see how clean you are next year. lmao

results are up... jay u beeeeiatch... u were in 7th

I know. My lap times weren't too bad though. If I stick to my workout over the winter I should have some decent stamina for 09.

the results are up seems every time i try and look at them the script times out. what class did you guys do any how did you do?

I was in C-Vet. First 3 laps I was 6th, 8th and 7th respectively. 28-33 minute lap times. I (meaning my body) ran out of gas. I crashed alot, picking up a muddy bike can drain a person. I wound up finishing 11th. One more lap and I may have made top 5. Oh well, was my first hare scramble, I'm a Moto guy. I plan on doing better next year.

How about you?

I had a bad day took 7th in 4stroke B, after racing with 1st place. I got hung up in the mud pit back in the woods up to my chest on my last lap, it took 20mins and ever thing i had to get out of it. i was doing low 22 minute laps . the mud wasnt to bad the only spot i had problem with beside the pit on the last lap was on on the mx track where the table step up thing was i slid of the last 3 laps. hey did i power was you boots off i was parked right a cross from you i was driving my blue f250 and a enclosed trailer with a yz250f #730

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