Best Tire to Buy???

Been there. Not as good as a D755 front/D952 Rear, IMO.

Same combo i run, just changed my rear 952 that i've had on since march. I tried the maxxis it rear and si front....hated them, back tire cracked and knobbies started falling off. Front was just scarry in mud and sand, average on intermediate stuff

Thanks for all the info. I went and bought the M-12 so we'll see how it works. But I really hope we get some rain here in the Bay Area (Hollister). I'm not going to put the M-12 on until we get some rain to soften up the terrain...I'll keep running my worn out 756 until then.

Please, please rain!!! :bonk:

Im thinking of running either the m12 or s12 on the rear. which one does everybody like better?

starcross mh3 or ms3 no question

starcross mh3 or ms3 no question

Yes i second that, best tires i'v ever had. They hookup great and they last!

Maxxis IT...they wear well and seem to be pretty flat resistant

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