Removing Rear Wheel Bearings

I read the howto. I heated with a heat gun and tried to tap them out from the back....nothing. they are seised in there. is there a special tool I can buy that will sit around the bearings so I can hit with equal pressure? any ideas?

Slide hammer with an blind hole adapter

Hammer an punch normally works. Take the brake side out first (only 1 bearing on that side)

How many miles before replacing them (on average)?

Killer - there is no good answer to that question. Depends completely on usage. Perhaps 100,000 or more to wear them out. 500 or less with dirt, water, sand, salt water contamination.

4000 for me, but that was dirt, water, salt, etc....

The key to good bearing life is as said above - keep the water/dirt out

The oil seals that sit outside of the bearing must be kept in good condition, plus the spacers they run on (stock AL spacers wear out quickly - many replace with S/S versions) need to be in good condition to prevent them ripping the seal lips.

A sealed bearing is good, but sealed bearing (rubber seals) with a secondary functioning oil seal outside of it is much better

Keep the water out - well I had 74K out of some bearings on a road bike.

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