Suspension Recommendations

Looking for some advice from Dwight (or anybody) for my 2006 450 EXC. I haven't raced in about 10 years, but plan on doing some Hare Scrambles in the spring. I would love to send it off and have it done, but can't afford the $$.

I weigh about 190 pounds without gear. I have noticed that it will pound my wrists when I am riding aggressive. I am assuming I need a heavier spring for the rear. What about the front? Also what about the spacers, oil and starting point setting for the front? Thanks for any help!

I just went through this same type of research, get the right spring, set the sag, take it from there ....

BTW there are good deals on used springs out there, .... shop around,... I've seen several for sale here and there check the forums !

I ride an 08' 505XC-F , I weigh 195lbs w/o gear the charts told me I needed a 8.1 (theoretically) .... I bought a WP 8.0 Straight Rate (used) for 50 $ .... I'm happry with the handling changes ! I'll work on the fine tuning for now

Seek the advice of the TT boys and / or a tuner for your specs front and back,... in my case the front springs (4.6) were OK for me !

Good Luck

Thanks Andrew. The 06's and 08's must be quite a bit different as I believe my stock rear is 8.0.

9.2 to 9.4 rear spring, 44 front springs. 06 shock is a good one. If the front is hammering you then reduce the comp by 4 clicks and ride, if it starts to bottom then add oil to prevent this. ou cab add equal amounts of oil thru the bleed holes, 1oz equals approx 10mm in height for oil measurement. For about $150 you can get some exchange front cartridges that will make it soft and progressive and still not bottom, I did this, front was good stock but is not better.

Thanks Mike. Any opinions on progressive versus straight rate? Who do you recommend for the front cartridges?

the system is designed for straight but many use prog, I use str. I used Lew for the cart and have used Javier also, both good work.

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