to acs and all of our down under friends

I truely hope that all of you , as well as your families and friends were unaffected by the horrible fire in and around is a terrible thing.

best wishes


Thanks for your thoughts. There are a few Aussies on this part of Thumpertalk and a lot over the whole thing. Our moderator David is in Queensland.

For me Canberra long way away but as Melbourne is pretty well ringed by bush (great access for riding and 4X4) its a concen as when you leave home you hope no idiot is out there with matches.

The Alpine areas of Victoria are burning at the moment and as my work covers two of them its a concern as in one our skifield at Falls Creek has been pretty well burnt. No main buildings or lives lost but lucky.

In Canberra four lost their lives. It could have been much worse in Canberra as it was a wild fire. Absolutely out of control and moving at very high speed. Terrifying. Fire started by lightining about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the thoughts. Australia is a pretty dry place in a lot of areas, and bushfires are one of the things we have to live with on an almost daily basis like you guys in Kansas and Nebraska have the twisters, the Kalifornian guys have the earthquakes...

The fires are bad, and obviously bad enough to be news in other parts of the world. We are all hoping for a quick resolution to the situation. I thin, without getting into any sort of debate on the subject, that green interests have a lot to answer for when fires like this rage out of control and take lives... pictures I saw of the tall grass and the amount of fuel on the forest floor were incredible... If the areas were open to use and managed properly, some of this may have been avoidable, or less severe...

Not to belittle the tragedy or the scope of situation, but you should be aware that Canberra is much like your Washington D.C. - Full of politicians and their attendant leeches...


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