CA Smog Cannister...Gurgling?

Just took off the CA smog cannister off my 06 drzsm, looks alot better, capped the carb where the cannister tube used to go and then routed the other tube that goes to the tank under the swingarm.

Only thing is that if I listen closely to the vent tube, it makes this gurgling noise constantly even when the bike is sitting completely still and hasn't been ridden all night, and this morning there was a small wet spot of gas on the ground...Hope I didn't do something wrong.

did you cap the vacuum on the carb?

I capped the carb where the tube was removed that went to the canister, that's all I had to cap I think, and after further inspection, I noticed that it wasn't gas on the ground, it's this thick dark goopy crap, and it looks like its coming out of the tube, probably got built up over the years and now that it's in a down position its slowly coming out, still doesn't explain the noise tho.

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