Muddy Day on the Trails......Oh YEAH!

Went out riding the trails today with my boys. Had fun as always.

Here are a couple pics of the results of a previously rainy week....:moon:

Nothing like a dirty little WR250R....



:moon::ride: :ride: ......the next look here isnt a "loving" one. I think he was ready to get out of his riding gear.


Stillwater111608012.jpg stuff.:thumbsup:

Haha, I think I had that same expression when my father in law and I went to ride with my wife, her uncle and her cousin. The latter 3 were on quads and the whole way was a lot of mud and some snow.

Great stuff! :thumbsup::moon::moon:


That is some seriously RED mud!!!:thumbsup:

Nice! That red mud reminds me of the year I lived in Atlanta.

It snowed here today. It'll probably melt off here in Calgary for a little while, but I imagine our mountain riding is done for the year. Sigh...

Oh yeah, I know that look. :moon:

I'm hoping to get out this weekend if I can find a place that's open. Time to go further south - or get a little colder and wetter. :thumbsup:

Good God man! Clean that bike! :thumbsup:

Good God man! Clean that bike! :moon:


Oh Im sure I will be.....Tonight, right after work. I was

too tired to deal with it yesterday when we got back home.

I love mud too... but I don't like to spend hours washing the bike and gears.. :thumbsup:

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