Seal savers, are they worth it?

Is anyone out there using the seal savers that can tell me their opinion. I was looking at buying a set but was concerened that would just be another spot to trap dirt against my fork.

Yes they are worth every penny

I tried them last season, and eventually ended up taking them off. I thought they trapped too much mud and moisture, despite trying to clean them at the car wash after every ride. :)

Before Seal Savers, two new sets of fork seals. :) After Seal Savers, no new seals. 'nough said! :D

In my experience (in a pretty dry climate), they work very well. They will trap some very fine dust, but they also act as an additional "wiper" for larger particles which would otherwise be trying to compromise the fork wipers/seals. They do seem to retain moisture for a little while and I have no real experience with how well they work in extremely muddy conditions.

If you are looking for the best seal savers contact me Gary 801-642-0070x202 or 801-789-2429, They cover the whole tube and work great, cost is $15 to $20

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