Thanksgiving Weekend In Cal City -- Wow!

Just a reminder to get your Cal City OHV License ($8.00) per before Thanksgiving weekend. It's going to be huge this year, with many places closed to OHVers, with Cal City getting a lot of rain a week ago, and with the fact that the City welcomes OHVers with open arms.

Beat the traffic and long lines by getting your Cal City OHV on-line: Go to these link:

We're also working in opening a second "Cal-City Trail" that will take you to the airport, the restaurant, possibly fuel and a great lounge to sit back and enjoy one of the nices spots in all of Southern California. Also many have requested to get across Cal City Blvd. to hit the other restaurants and gas station. I think this is also in the works. In the meantime, you can walk your bike or ATV across the light and you'll be in the parking lot for the other shops.

For more details, contact the City (760-373-8661) or yours truly at:

See you soon!


That would be outstanding. Lets just hope that all obey the rules and laws so that we do not loose the privilege.

Just a heads up.

I talked with the police dispatcher at that number about ten days ago. She said it was too late to get them through the mail. The forms at those links state 10-15 business days. So thats probably why she suggested that.You have to get them in person for that weekend now.

It may be true because there are a lot of people buying them through the internet, so mailing may be delayed. However, the beauty about purchasing it through the internet is that you can print your receipt and bring it with you, just in case.

That would be my suggestion. I would just hate to have to sit there for an hour or more, when I'm dying to get to camp, unload and go for a quick blip. That's just my opinion.


If the permits are received BY Wednesday this week, they will be out in the mail by Friday before 5:00 PM. Couple extra volunteers took vacation from their regular jobs to help out in the mail room this week. Or, you can print out the forms on-line and have them and check filled out before you arrive.

Remember that Highway 14 at Cal City Blvd will be backed up at the peak times (5 PM - 7 PM). :thumbsup:


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