only starts on full choke , TT350

Hi all , I'm having trouble starting my 1990 TT350 it was running well and still runs OK once started but fells like it is slugish , it will only start of full choke after 5-10 kicks oven if it is hot and has been running for a while ( normally it would start on first kick with no choke once it was warmed up ) . This problem happened out in the bush after a long ride , up untill then all was well , any help please .

Dirt in the pilot jet is my guess.

Does it run better with the choke on all over? If so the intake boots are likely leaking. Otherwise, Clogged pilot jet.

Clogged pilot jet .



Like the other guys stated. If you haven't replaced the intake boots yet, you will need to. This will cause poor starting and lean condition. If boots are OK, then clogged pilot jet. While you've got the carb(s) off be sure to clean all fuel and air passageways. c good

Yup ! you were right the intake boots were leaking , thanks all for the great help:ride: :thumbsup:

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