WR250R Radiator Guard.....Does it need fins?

Previously I expressed some concerned about the Bullet Proof Designs radiator

guard not having angled fins for deflect mud etc off of the radiator.

I think after today I will question the actual "need" for angled louvers

on the radiator guard.

Notice how little mud even got on the rad after this mess.....


Looks like you and the boys had a great ride in the mud. And I am with you on the need for fins ... I have never had a lot of mud on the radiator ... even when covered from head to toe like you guys must have been in that picture.

So someone finally makes a rad guard for us? I guess I missed it during my hiatus

haha.....I guess I got beat to the punch....

Cool, I have other things I want more on the xmas list that I probably wont get :thumbsup:

Notice how little mud even got on the rad after this mess.....

Zadok you might also want to consider an idea that Gargoyle turned me on to.

Check out the little mud-flap extension on the trailing edge of his front fender in this pic from another thread.

I haven’t put one on yet, but it’s definitely on the list.


Seems like it might be pretty easy to fab something up, but either way he provided a link to someone selling them on ebay.

I am just trying to keep mud off the motor. It's an old habit from when I used to race MX. I always put a mud flap on my MX bikes.

Here it is on eBay ... $7.50 + 3.00 shipping ... only 1 left.


You won't get much mud in there trailriding and especially if you stay in front. Where you get the mud/rock is when you're racing tire to tire with someone and you're not in the front. I grew up in the eastern part of NC originally, by the coast and everything is black swamp mud, then gumbo clay beneath that. I can home from the race track many times with radiators jammed-packed with mud so bad that I had to remove the shrouds and guards to get it all out. Sometimes, it was so bad, we had to blow them out in between motos at the track with their water hose. Trial riding, there just isn't much mud or rock flying in that direction, but when you're behind someone who is trying to kill it, or behind 10 someones trying to kill it, you're going to get sprayed right in the shrouds. For this reason, I never liked the sloted radiator guards as opposed to the stock louvres. They do o.k. with rocks, but actually help retain more mud when you're getting beat with roost like a red-headed step child, especially since there's usually a little room between the grill and rads. The louvres are very effective at deflecting all things. You'll still get som mud in there if you get roosted hard, but most collects on the louvres and falls off as it builds up. If you're trail riding, I don't think there's much need for them, but in wheel-to-wheel combat, they are hard to beat.

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