I was wondering how busy Waldo was this weekend. Are all the riders there practicing for the mini-O's. A couple of us are trying to decide if we should go there or go check out the new track in Lake City.

tucker,i wasnt there this weekend but next weekend is going to be crazy. it will tame back down somewhat after that. i heard lake city was small but fun.

Thats what I thought. Do you think Bostwick will be the same way. Rob who you met (105 yamaha) is going to Iraq soon and will be selling his bike in the next month or two. Hopefully we can get in a few more rides before he leaves. There are a few private tracks that we ride at Tracy, if thats what we end up doing and your schedule is open let me know.

Chris and I checked out the Lake City track, it remindes me alot of Sunshine. Rumur is the owner wants to build a bigger track. I'd like too show him enough support to let him know a bigger track would be worth the effort.

Waldo was pretty muddy first thing in the morning on Sun. But after a couple moto's and the help from some quads the track was pretty decent. It was nice my little guy only had a few other small bikes to contend with.

bostwick will be good. ya lets get together and ride sometime. this weekend i might be going to a private track sat or sunday not sure yet ill know more later in the week. if we cant put something together this weekend maybe next.

tucker, where you guys thinking about riding this weekend.

If I ride it will be at a private track. I know they had a dozer working on it this week. If your interested let me know and I'll see what up.

im going to amp extreme for the whole weekend. maybe next weekend my #is 352-209-1063 call me sometime nextweek.

Talk too ya next week.

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