Can Anyone Stop the Bell from Ringing

I have searched and searched the forums and cannot find a post that matches what I am hearing from my DRZ. My apologies in advance if I have somehow missed it.

2005 DRZ400SM

4500 miles

Yosh - 3x3 - JD kit

At nearly all rpm ranges above idle (at idle I dont hear it) I have this bell ringing sound coming from the right side of the motor. I have checked every piece and part that I can think of and everything is tight. Could this be internal? Has anyone ever had this happen? It sounds like those little bells that you see hanging off the frame on a Harley. :thumbsup::moon: :moon: ....Help!!!!

Check the clearance between your pipe and your shock reservoir....mine was rubbing/vibrating and it made a strange noise....not sure I would call it a ringing but maybe you could consider it that kind of noise. I had to adjust my pipe connections and twist it for more clearance to get it to fit properly. I even filed my resevoir a tiny bit to be sure it would not vibrate and touch again. A friend of mine had his pipe rubbing on his rear shock spring which made a strange noise but it was not RPM based and he just needed to put an extra washer in the mount for clearance.

sound bounces around alot. Have you checked to make sure your keys are causing the noise?

sound bounces around alot. Have you checked to make sure your keys are causing the noise?

+1, i put on something metal on my keychain, and it made a strange ringing noise. metal loosly against metal+lots of vibes=ringy noise

I found two "bell ringing" kind of noises. One was the keys, and the other was my a loose the shifter....which fell off on I-90 somewhere. By the way, I really like the MSR shifter vs. the stocker.

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