661 pressure suit and AXO TMKP knee guards review

Well the trip to ten mile was a good chance to try some new safety gear. I bought the 661 pressure suit and a set of AXO TMKP knee guards. The dunes are very forgiving for an average rider and about the only time I have got hurt was from my body contacting my bike (usually my knees) on a get off.

I started off with under armour under the 661 and regular MX socks under the knee guards. Temps were in the 50s and 60s. I quickly had to shuck the under armour and after that point I never gave any thought to the 661 pressure suit. It was comfy and moved with me well. My only complaint is that it will be a furnace in the summer, but for fall riding it was perfect. I never had a serious wreck so I'm glad to report I don't know how well it would have protected me. But I did feel protected, and more bold with it on. I feel it was well worth the money and am satisfied with the 661 pressure suit.

The AXO knee guards were another thing all together. Hip length socks would be needed for extended riding. I didn't have any so there were some Chafing issues. I could never get them to settle in and found myself adjusting them everytime I stopped or started. (no fun to be on approach to a large jumnp and have one hand tugging gear into place) I did wear them all day (about 7 hours). They fit under my riding pants but looked and felt very bulky. It took some getting used to the feeling of lateral support and it also took some getting used to how far away from the bike they held my knees. Both those feelings went away as the day went on. Again I never had a serious wreck so I don't even know if all the trouble is worth it. However untill I can afford new knee guards I will continue to wear these for protection.

My brother bought 10$ knee guards from Rocky Mountain and loved them and had a pretty serious wreck and his knees were un harmed (his wrist less fortunate). But by going a little more expensive ( I think list on the AXO guards was 60$) I got less satisfaction. Here is a pic of me in the gear, I was working on the bike and it shows some of the bulk of both sets of gear. Hope this info will help someone make protective gear choices.


Hmmm guess no-one cared. :moon: :moon: :thumbsup:

I was looking at the AXO knee guards and the 661 pressure suit. The knee guards are around AUS$99 and the 661 suit was around AUS$180 for the 661HD. Other variations go to AUS$300.

After looking at whats available, and considering I rode motocross without any of this gear (not even knee pads which is why I walk funny- and the scars.....god have I got some good scars) I was wondering if any of my ice hockey gear would work. It'd be all right in winter. I've got some very old but new condition knee/shin guards that'd stop an anti tank round. Rhino brand.

I will eventually spring the cash for the 661 pressure suit, but I think I'll look at something else for knee guards.

Thanks for the review.

I have a 661 pressure suit and it has served me well, even in a number of get-offs in rocky terain. It does act as a steamer in the warmer months, but i'd rather sweat than bleed :thumbsup:

Knee guards are a pain in the ass. I wear the basic sock type (pull up) with 4-5 armour pads in each knee. These are 661 also. I hate them, but wear them religiously.

I love mine Koreta!

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