WOW! What Happened?!?!

I was riding today and my bike was feeling a bit boggy, I though it was just that the bike was not warmed up yet. After about 5-10 minutes of cruising around the biek was still bogging out badly and smoking a ton. It was going just fine when i would pin it but it felt horrible 1/2-3/4 throttle. So when I get home i pull the carb apart. Everything looked fine until I came across the needle. The clip that was in the top position was now in the bottem position and the clip was REALLY bent.:thumbsup: What could have caused this?? Also I am going to get a new needle and clip tomarrow and was wondering what is the best needle to get, it had a N3CJ needle in it, I have no clue about the different types of needles so if anyone has it advice it would help me out a lot.

2002 yz250

168 main

45 pilot

5000-6000 feet

50-60 degrees

40:1 ratio



come on now 30 minutes is a little quick to be bumping your own thread.

the needle will wear where the clip sits over time.not uncommon.

K thanks Eddie, sorry about the bumping hahaha. Does anyone know if there is a better needle I could put in or should i just keep the N3CJ?

Stay with stock unless you have a complete understanding of why not. BTW its likly that it was running richer than stock do to wear on the needle and the needle jet likly has equal wear. I would replace both

ok thanks dave, do you know what the stock needle in the yz250 is ?

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