Graduated from BMT!

Hey everyone. I just graduated from Basic training for the Air Force a couple weeks ago. Now I'm stationed at Sheppard AFB in Witchita Falls, TX. Since I'm in training they won't let me have my drz :thumbsup: I'll be here for 6 months. Then I'm going to Seymore Johnson AFB, NC. Anybody from the area? Is there any good riding spots? I'm definitaly bringing my Z when I get to SJ AFB. For now calling my buddy and listening to him start it up and rev it on the phone will have to do:cry: If anyone knows of some good spots or lives in the area and wants to ride (6 months from now)let me know! Thanks guys

Ah, was there for tech school when I was in the AF some 18 years ago. What job did you get? I did aircraft strucutural maint. Worked on F-16, F-117, and B-2s.

I can't help with your questions but thanks for serving.

They don't want you to have your toys because they want you to focus on the task at hand. Pay attention to the details, the lives of others will be in your hands. Don't put a jet together properly and anyone could pay the price.

I was there in 91' and remember the joy of being done with boot camp. Although you guys got it a lot shorter than we did. I worked Egress/Ejecjtion seats at Nellis, AFB in Las Vegas. Went overseas to 38 different countries on TDY and got to work on F-16,F-15,F-4, A-10, B-52, F-117, and B-2's. Very cool experience in life. Best of luck to you!:thumbsup:

Watch out for the softball size hail they sometimes get at Sheppard. When I was there it broke windows and some guy got his melon split open trying to run for shelter.

I was there in 93. Brings back some memories. I was there to learn telephone systems. The AF was definately a good time over all.

Nice I was there back in 98' during tech school for F-15 crew chief, Accually some of the guys there that are instructors are guys Ive worked with all over the world and they are currently there.. Back then the school was 11 months long, but now Ive heard that its been knocked down to 6 months.. I did the crew chief thing for 9 years and got smart and cross trained to be an Enlisted aviator (Flight Engineer) on the Pavehawks, been doing this for almost 2 years now

Congrats! I went to Sheppard for my tech school also; I did 6 years on electrical and environmental systems on C-130's and F-15's. Do the same thing as a civilian now in Japan. Just thinking about Wichita Falls makes me cringe sometimes, but I met a lot of good people there. Good luck too!

Hey drz400dude.....thanks for your service:banana:

Even an old USAF retired guy like me with 24+ years still knows how to appreciate all that you smart & hard working young folks go thru every day:thumbsup:

Don't sweat not having your ride while in tech school. I think that it's not so much that they will not let you have it, but more so that can't ship it there since it is your 1st tech school duty assignment.....hey, rules are rules, and DoD Regulations prevail.

They also will not give you extra time off to go & get it because the training schedule will not allow it.

So, hang in there, the months will be over soon & you will just love the beach & the riding & the BBQ in North Carolina. When you get there, have the boys take you down to Wilber's for the pulled pork, pork ribs.....and hush puppies that are the best I have ever tasted!!!

HappyRiding !!


Haha, sounds like Sheppard is the place to be:lol: NOT! They won't let me have my bike cuas they are afraid we will hurt ourselves, and the $30k+ they've spent training us will go down the hole. I got aerospace ground equipment, which kinda sucks I think. At least its not what I wanted. I wanted crew cheif, or any job at least working on the planes, but hey what can you do. I'll be here for 6 months. I signed up for security forces and aerial gunner, but I didn't get either of those. From what I hear though we get training on diesel engines, turbine engines, gas engines, electrical, pnuematics, hydraulics, and lots of other fun stuff, so hopefully it will be good training at least.

Nobody answered my question about riding spots though, anybody know of any? :thumbsup:

Ah, the good old AGE department. I need a B-1 stand on jet number 516 in an hour Iv'e got to pull a seat for a battery change. Ha, Ha, you will be hearing that a lot when you get to your first assignment. :thumbsup:

I had the pleasure of going to tech school there myself for Jet engines, (F-100, 220's) still work on F-15's. After spending the first part of my military career in the Marines and traveling the globe in search of bad people to kill I thought Wichita falls was the arm pit of America. No offence to the town people (who I liked) but the summer months were killer on heat and humidity. Land was so flat you could see the earth curve. There may be some places to ride as most do buy my opinion is your not missing anything. Wait till your duty station then rip it up! Besides we don't need a piece of AGE coming apart on the flight line cuz you were dreaming about ZZ back at home. LOL

Good luck and have fun man, its an opportunity to see and do things that a lot don't get. :thumbsup: L8r

I was there in '95 for Jet engine school the first time (F-110 powered F-16) and again in 2003 for turboprop (C-130) 7 level school. unless you like mud or ... mud I don't think there is much riding around there. it is certainly flat.

AGE is a better job then SF, but you won't figure that out for a little while. AGE isn't really a bad job at all.

Stay out of maximus :moon: and always lock your security locker :thumbsup:

You can always Cross train in about 3 yrs. you never know, you actually like it.......

Ah, the good old AGE department. I need a B-1 stand on jet number 516 in an hour Iv'e got to pull a seat for a battery change. Ha, Ha, you will be hearing that a lot when you get to your first assignment. :moon:

lol yea sounds like fun. Any of the old timers remember mattress jousting? Hahaha, some guys got caught doing it today and they gave us a whole big speech about it. :thumbsup: For those that don't know, its basically pulling your matress off your bed and getting on one end of the hallway, and another person at the other end, and running as fast as you can towards each other. Good times!:moon:

You can always Cross train in about 3 yrs. you never know, you actually like it.......

I signed up for 6, so it will be 5 years before I can crosstrain. Oh well, doesn't sound too bad now that I actually know more about the job. I:thumbsup: I was just bummed about it at first caus it wasn't what I signed up for.

Hell, I worked on billion dollar stealth bombers and hated it.

You will meet some of the best people in the service. A very diverse group from all over. I do miss the comrodery.

Good luck to you!

Good luck with everything.


11A 02

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