Off Road or Dual Sport?

My son and I are looking for a couple of bikes to just ride trails and play around on. We both are big guys. He is 16 and 5'10" 220lbs and I am 45 6' 250lbs with 31" inseams so we are short legged. He has never rode a bike and I have ridden some. My question is, which of these bikes should we get?

My son is looking at the 2009 KLX250S and I like the way it sits but it seems too soft for a dirt bike or a bike for riding trails with my weight. We both like the wr250f we just don't know which one we should go with.

I would spend the extra money on the WR250F in a heartbeat. I've owned both and the KLX250S is gutless compared to the WR250F. You can make the Yamaha into a dual sport for less than a couple hundred bucks if you don't mind the non-DOT tires. With your weights, the Yamaha will get you around much better. Look around for a new 08' model and save close to $1000. I just picked up mine for $5,500...not much more than the KLX

I agree the WR will have better power for your weight but have you considered the DR-Z 400s? It won't be as good in the dirt as the WR but it will be ALOT more comfortable on the street.

Its a big bike and will be better for bigger framed riders than the WR.

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