Carlsbad Raceway?

Does anyone know if Carlsbad raceway is still open? I am planning a trip down to San Diego this week for the 4th and I would like to ride the track for practice if possible.


Dont know if its open when your coming down but here is the info on the track.

Carlsbad Info

Killer track if you ask me. the last of the 'natural' motocross tracks!

You're in luck! Saturday, July 6, the track will be open for practice. Unfortunately, it will be the new track, not the old and famous GP course. Still, the new track will be plenty good. Its fast, not quite as hilly, has jumps, table tops, contains no whoops, and is more like the old track than the more modern supercross track.

The cost is a $12 gate fee plus a $25 rider fee. A little on the high side, but worth every penny. Its near the coast, so tempertures won't exceed 80 and usually has a slight breeze. It's only open to those 18 and older and because of the cost, has an older crowd. Gates open at 10 and practice starts by 11 and ends at 4. Come rested and ride 60 miles. Alot of guys only stop for water and gas.

To get there, go east from Interstate 5 on Palomar Road about 6 miles and then hang a left on Business Park road. Then go left at the second street light. The gate will be right there.

Let me know if you need more information. I might go too, I just haven't told my wife yet (new baby in the house thing).


This is awesome...I will be there with my friend on Sat. I have a grey Tundra and a 02' WR 426.

We are pretty mellow riders and this track sounds perfect.

Thanks for the info and see you there..

ps. Going to grab a surf or two as well if you are interested.


Omnivortex and others:

Sorry, I got my wires crossed up...Carlsbad is not open for practice this weekend, but is open for racing. Gates open at 8 AM and practice starts at 9. The overall cost is $10 more. Everything else in my previous note still applies. Very sorry.

There will probably be a "practice only" sometime in the next two weeks. When I hear, I'll let you know.

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