Props to the Yamaha

I just wanted to say, I love my 250F!!! It is an absolute blast to ride! The suspension is great, I can bog it and rev it to the moon! I can ride it all day without being too worn out, but it still has nearly all the power you could need. The starting drill is a non-issue, it is light, it handles like a dream, has a nice crisp exhaust note, and not to mention,just looks sweeeeeet! :D

Of course, all of you already know this. :D

I just wanted to share my feelings on being a proud owner of a baby F. :)

Side note: I am 6'2" 225lb. and thought this bike might not be enough, I was wrong! :D

Could this quite possibly be the perfect bike for the trails? :D:D :D :D

Anyone else feeling this??????????????

Ummm, ditto! :)

Thanks for the scoop. Still waiting for my 03. thanks for the size weight ratio. This has been a concern of mine while waiting . 6-0 210.

I just got the 03 250f for christmas as well, it is a blast to ride. LOVEN IT. Some of the small issuses hold true to my bike as well ie.. the clutch seems not to fully engage at times, 1/4 throttle miss when crusing. but still diggin it and learning about the bike.

Glad you like the babyF. I'm 6'2", 200 and the bike is alot of fun to ride without getting wore out. I would suggest getting a different set of bars to open up the bike some. I just put ProTapers on and it made a huge difference in comfort. Welcome to the 250F club.

Congradulations, I think its the closest thing to the perfect dirt bike I've ever riden. They really respond to mods also. Try a 280 kit you'll love it. See Ya, Matt

I've been riding my '01 250F for a year now after leaving the dirt world for 10 years or so and I agree with you 100%.

Back then, 250cc four strokes were beginner and / or wife bikes and I was worried about the bike being too small (I'm 5'10" 200 lb) after riding on XR350s and 400s. Was I in for a pleasant surprise! I don't miss my red bikes at all - and my 250F is still bone stock to boot!

I am looking forward to trying out the different mods this spring after the white stuff finally melts... :)

Have you got big feet too? I'm 6ft 2 and have UK size 11 boots, doing the footpeg mod made so much differance to being able to shift quickly (sawing the bottom lug off and welding it on the top, and swopping springs over)

I have been half- heartedly looking for some used Pro-tapers with the up and out clamps to give me a little more room. My stock bars surprisingly enough are still straight.

Matt Rohr: Give me the scoop on the 280 kit. I was considering it but I was told it drops the life of the motor. Usually horsepower increase=less life of the motor. How many hours/miles do you have on the kit? How much power did you really gain? Was it worth the $. Thanks

4banguk: I wear a size 10 with no problems.

I can't wait for Saturday, more riding on little blue. I have found that my CRF has not been recieving much love lately!!

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