Track and Trails

Looking for a Place Like Bostwick with trails and track or just trails. The wife rides and trails are it for her. We have our 5thwheel and are self contained. The biggest glich is having our 2 Chihuahua's. Some places like L- cross say no pets on there site. Croom is also no pets.


If you have the time and don't mind the distance, try Durhamtown. They have a variety of trails (all one-way) and a bunch of tracks. And they allow dogs. Hubby and I went on our first bike trip there last October for our Anniversary and are now planning our 4th trip.

I was at l-cross this weekend almost every camper had a little dog. I think they have that sign so people don't bring out there man/ cow eaters.


You need to take Sue down to Vero and ride with Bronc3 (Scott) at the Bonecrusher trails. It won't be much for you but she would have a good time and there are other women that ride there too so she will have company.


Will plan trip to DT. over the holidays when we have more time. Heard it is a blast.

I will call L-Cross and ask about the dog thing.

Dono, where is bonecrusher? Can you camp. With Sues new puppy(another bobo) we can't stay gone all day. We need to bring the house.

Thank you all.

Dan Dyer

SSR"B"#101, Very fast until I crash, very often. Ask Dono.

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