advice on getting an 06 yz 450..yes

hello all ..i did a search on the 06 yz 450..and it was mostly pre/just post i thought id just ask on the long term ..let me first say that i have never owned a 4 stroke...i was forced to quit racing when the 4 strokes were still not raced by the

i have been feeling the itch to ride again..but just recreationally..not race..not pound laps on a practice track..just some track..some woods...some pits...every now and then and just think i would kick myself for blowing 6-7 grand for something to ride once a month or so..and have an oportunity to pick up an 06 yz 450 in trade ...

having not really been involved for the last 7-8 years in mx...dont really know which bikes were the roaches etc aside from friends that still race/ride and hearing about their 4 stroke problems in passing....

the specifics on the bike ...stock clamps & circuit ti 4 system...and stock internals(cams etc)

so my question is.. is /was this a pretty good overall bike aside from the steering/push the motor solid..or prone to grenade after say..2 will be riding it relatively hard i guess once i get used to riding again...thanks in advance for any help!!

I own two of them. When they're cared for, they're great. There's a few better, but a hell of a lot worse.

How much are they asking out the door for the 06 your looking at?

its actually a trade for a pitbike i had sitting around that i had tried to sell for a while to no no cash out of hand..

Do it before he changes his mind.

I have an 06 as well and love it. I have 65hrs on mine and no problems.

2006 was a beast. Hell of a good bike. I have a 2006 yz450f as my race bike and wouldnt trade it for any other bike right now...except maybe an 09 with 06 cams:smirk:And I have ridden the 09 Honda and Kawasaki and was not impressed AT ALL

thanks guys i went ahead and did it...havent ridden it yet ...just around the lot when i bought it with no helmet...i tore it apart last night to go over everything bearings...nuts bolts etc...aside from some stripped heads and missing bolts/nuts here and far so

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