sg10 or tech 7?

its time for a new set of boots as my tech 10s have a big hole in the side... i like the tech 10s but i dont wana spend that kinda money again. ive been looking at the sg10s and the tech 7s and i think im going with one of them but thought i would ask for your opinions. im open to other suggestions also. thanx

I heard the Alpine Stars are made in China,I have a pair of the SG10s and really like them

Gaerne SG10's are nice boots, I have Fastbacks which are just below the SG10's and there all well made boots made in Italy. No China junk!!! Adjustable and excellent buckle system.

SG10s, Ive had Alpinestars Tech 6 and 8 boots and pretty much hate them. The SG10s I used last year were WAY nicer, and held up WAY better.

ok thanx for the replies i think im gona go for the sg10s .... ive had tech 8 and two sets of tech10s and i liked them all although the could last a little longer.... the tech 10 feels a little to narrow also.

Me and my friend both got new boots at the same time, he got tech 8's i got SG10's. we have both ridden the same amount on our boots, mine look like new apart from the soles which are SLIGHTLY worn. His are so bad they need replacing. This is after about 7 months use. I'll probably get another 1-2 yrs out of mine. He is buying new boots already.

I heard the Alpine Stars are made in China,I have a pair of the SG10s and really like them

Mine I think were made in Croatia.

China can make it as good or bad as you want it. You want cheap, they can do it, you want nice, they can do it too, it's just a matter of how much you want to spend. Chances are either way, it will cost less than anywhere else, which is why pretty much everyone profitable does some kind of production in China.

To automatically dismiss something made in China as inferior is ignornant and not accurate in this day and age. They should take a trip to Shanghai, it might make them feel where they live is pretty run down in comparison.

I've crashed at 150mph in leathers made in China and walked away. I've been down at 45 in leathers made in Italy and got a second degree burn.

It's all about the design, materials, and contruction, not where it's made.

Most of Sidi's production is now in Romania. Last time I checked, people make about $30 a month there. Sidi still makes some great boots though.

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