Some pics from Thundercross 11-15-08

Sweet Pics man. I am so pumped to ride the new track.

Heard it reopened... what did you think of it? Kind of hard to tell what the track was like from the pics.

I like it. I enjoyed riding something other than sand. The track got nice and rough with some good lines in the corners. The majority of the track is clay so be prepared for some nice square edged bumps. I'll be back this weekend.

Is 391 matt boni?

Nice pics btw.

I believe it's Tyler Bowers. Derek Hall and Dean Dyess were also out there.

I believe it's Tyler Bowers. Derek Hall and Dean Dyess were also out there.

Ohh right, i don't really know who is who on the DNA team, but dang there musta been some fast guys out there!!

I may just get a chance to ride there after all. Ill give you a shout when I get back from Michigan.............

im pretty sure 391 is lucas crespi.

I thought it was too, but I didn't think Crespi rode a 450. On second thought it propably was Crespi.

im pretty sure 391 is lucas crespi.

YES who he said....:thumbsup:

Crespi just got a 450 about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I heard that he is just flying!! Wounder if his last am race will be the mini o's? I heard that he is going to turn pro after that race. Does he have a ride? (DNA, Butler Bros.?) It would be nice to see what will happen. Also Little Dean is just crazy fast at this track I don't think that many people are as fast as him.

Crespi was beating Dean and Derek Hall.

Thats track looks a lot better than it did a couple years ago when I was last out there. I didn't have a bike then and my family raced a car there on the oval track. I just bought a bike about three months ago and started riding trails but wouldn't mind riding a MX track sometimes. I'll have to check it out sometime when I'm back in that area. Sweet pics btw.

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