2000 KX 65 Major Bog issue

Here is what I have I purchased a 2000 KX 65 today that has a bog issue. The bike starts great , idles great and revs great but when I rode it, it completely falls on its face and will not get into higher rpm. Most of the time it stalls out. I have adjusted the clutch , it makes a almost humming sound when the engine has a load on it with me on it. I weigh 200 lbs. Also when it is on a stand and I run through the gears it has no problems of hesitation or that humm sound. Just wanted some ideas before I tear the clutch cover off of it. Thanks 86 T

I weigh 200 lbs.

That is your problem right there man. 200 lbs, you should be on a 450.

i hope your using it as a pitbike hahaha, maybe its jetting or a new top end

but you should be on a 450 lol

It is for my 5 year old. Even with my weight it still should be able to atleast haul me around with no problem.

I would say if it has good compression then its probablly a jetting issue. You could also pull the reeeds and see if one is cracked. Check your airscrew setting too.

also the weather is around 30 degrees here. I think that may be the problem . Jetting and airscrew

could be jetting. check compression and reeds and all the basics, then start tuning, a filthy plug will do what you desribe as well

Thanks for the info

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