My new yz250 woods weapon

I picked up this loaded yz250 woods weapon today. Its beautiful well to me at least. Its a 2002 that this pro racer (i forget his name) built and then sold it to this guy, and he bought it for his son to race and he never did. Its pretty loaded like excel wheels\talon hubs. Scotts stearing stabilizer,10oz fww, E-Z pull clutch, vforce 3 reeds, full tmr suspension, barkbusters, 20 hrs on top end. Pro taper triple clamps. Probably more im forgetting. Yes im going to fix the pipe. its just caked dirt and a dent ill try and get out.

Shes a little dirty as it got a little sandy when i rode it today. wet sand is a pain to clean :thumbsup:

Joe Gibbs graphics coming soon\new pre prints. Anyone know wat company makes joe gibbs pre prints?











Holycrapthatsareallynicebike!!!!!!!!!!!!!can I borrow it this weekend? :thumbsup:

thing looks sweet. Do a little brushing on that pipe and it will be cherry.

I kinda like the cobra in the back ground..

I've never seen a Scotts mounted that way, that's more like the W.E.R. fashion....interesting. That bike looks a little familiar too, what part of NC you live in?

yeh, they make a low mount and a high mount stabilizer. I picked the bike up in currie nc (north of wilmington).

sweet bike man

How much?

Very nice bike!!!! I am building a YZ125 for the woods right now, and you may have given me a few ideas! Thanks :thumbsup:

Sweet bike! nice score!!!

that looks awesome!!!!

I kinda like the cobra in the back ground..

you and me both!!! that cobra looks NICE!!! have any more pics of that?

it was $2200. yes i do have more pics of that. search "tail of the dragon" should be in off topic pictures.

Time for some radiator braces!!! Sweet bike! Give it up for the 2stroke!!!

rofl, yeh i guess so, thats on the christmas list. doesnt both me much though, they arent bent up bad and dont effect cooling really.

Im sanding the pipe now, turning out good. The bike still needs some more cleaning though. cant wait to ride this beast again, its mighty powerfull.

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