Help, Before I ruin my DRZ...

For next year I want to rebuild my 06sm. After 10000 +miles and 3 years I can justify tearing open the motor in the neverending pursuit of power. I'm thinking of purchasing maxpower's 490cc stoker kit but I dont want to ruin the inherent reliability of the bike.I know the drz will never be a rmz eater, I just want to maximize the potential of the bike. Has anybody else on here had any luck going this big, or maybe suggest another option. At first I thought I would only do a topend overbore but then figured it probably wouldnt be a good idea to stress a worn in bottom. And if the crank is out then I might as well stoke it.I figure it will cost me around 2600 for all this. Is 490cc's worth it when 450, 470, stokers are offered much cheaper?I have the 39mm fcr, stage 1 hotcams, full yosh, cdi, ect. Motorwork is the next stop. Thankyou,

For big motors and power motors, work with Eddie. He know what works and what will last.

For big motors and power motors, work with Eddie. He know what works and what will last.

+1 just give Eddie a call and discuss your options.

:worthy: Sorry. I vote leave it alone. A Ferarri will never be a dragster, and vice versa. The DRZ is an awesome comfromise of everything.

There are lots of bored and stroked bikes around here... and when done right they are ultra reliable...

One thing that I consider a must is getting rid of the stock two piece valves as well. Search 'RHC valves'

Then of course, if you stroke the motor, you are going to need cams that can be degreed...

Then of course, you need an FCR carb...

and the list goes on... as does the pinch on the wallet.

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