Rerouting crank case breather hoses

I wish to reroute the two hoses off my case that go to the black box. For the purpose of easier access to the carb when jetting is needed for different temperatures. Anyone have any good suggestions on where to route them or to plug up the holes and eliminate.

most people use a "T" and run the hose to filter into the air box.i personally recomend if you do this for jetting,once your done to reinstall would puke oil all over at high rpm.i had mine T'ed and run up to the steering head with a little kn filter.this resulted in oil all over the front of my bike a couple times.

p.s.,i dont have any problem jetting mine with it in place!

Are you able to pivot the carb and get at the bowl screws to remove and replace the jets as needed. the black box even with the mounting bolt removed still gets in the way for me.

I'd say leave it in there. To many problems with removing it, and no power gains are...Gained.

i just take it out to jet if im not just moving the can get to the needle without doing any thing but getting the tank out of the time you disconnect everyhting to rotate it your 30 seconds away from having it out!

I have to remove my exaust to pivot the subframe back so the boot on the airbox will move back to pull out the carb. are there any easier ways

remove the clamp from the boot.pull the boot back behind the will stay wedged there.remove your thing.unwedge boot from behind frame.reinstall clamp.there is no reason to move the sub frame.lots of people doit,but i havent figured out why.i can have the carb in and out of my bike in 10 minutes.including taking the tank and seat off.

i removed the black box without a problem. the hose out of the top of the valvecover i ran up through the frame, down behind the radiator, past the water pump. then i have it sitting up on the skid plate. the hose in the back of the engine is just a drain for the oil in the black box to go back into the engine, so you can plug it. this was all part of the strocker kit i got along with their directions.

I use the "T" and route it over and into the air box. I had drilled holes in the top of my air box and just used one of those holes to run the hose through. At the bottom of the air box I put a small plastic pill bottle that I drilled a hole into the lid, and put the hose into it. It is easy to empty. It hardly fills up with any blow-by, about 5-10 drops per 4/5 days of riding and I rev hard with the full Yoshi set-up. It works really good for me. Where the black box was is now the hot start button (kicker model). I just reach down for the kick lever and pull the hot start button at the same time if the motor is very hot.

I eliminated the black catch can and put a T in it's place. My hose still vents into the top of my air boot between the air box and the carb (stock location). I've heard a couple of people mention that they have moved the hose to the air box or other location. I'm wondering if I shouldn't move mine, as I DO have oil blow by. It was significant when my engine was new (ran out of airbox there was so much), but is not that bad now. I say it's not too bad now, but I can't really see how much is coming out, since it will more then likely get sucked into the engine because of where my hose is currently located.

I'd like to hear how everyone is handling the crank case vent house if you no longer have the black catch can installed.

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