End pipe for sx125?

I was just wondering what silencer is better for my sx125? ('07)

fmf shorty, or pro circuit shorty?


ktm hardparts fmf silencer

it depends on what you want

I would prefer a pro circuit, but the fmf isn't the end of the world.

The ktm hard parts fmf costs a little too much for me....

I have a FMF Ti-2. It's same as the shorty but has ti end cap and something else... and it's anodized so it stands out a little I suppose. As if riding a 125 these days doesn't stand out

I got a FMF Q .... (or was it Q4)

It doesn't sound any quieter than stock to me......but maybe I have hearing loss worse than I thought...:thumbsup:


Either way, getting the Pro Circuit R-304 or a FMF silencer is a good product.

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