‘09 KX450? I’m converted!!!

Today was my fourth ride on my ‘09 and it is totally sweet! I can really tell that the suspension’s broken in and now it really flows. I’ve been a true Honda fan, still wearing red gear but I’m glad I switched and I’ll probably be bleeding green…

I plan on keeping it totally stock but tomorrow at work I will be building an aluminum “fin” to keep my left boot from hooking up with the side plate - the little gap between the sub frame and side plate on the left side occasionally catches my boot. But the thing starts as easily as a 250 2-stroke and hauls ASS!!

Here’s a couple of raw helmet cam vids from today:

Wow that first video got scary at the end. GeeZ! lol do you go out there by yourself? Hope you got other riders around in case of any problems you may have whether it is a fall or mechanical. Nice vid tho.

Excellent video. Love the wash. Man Im sitin here in Huntsville, Al trying to make my way back to Utah. Im totally needing a fix. That video will help. Thanks:thumbsup:

Yeah, keep the revs down. You don't want to piss off the neighbors.

My buddy just bought one. He hasnt been able to ride it yet. He was lookin at the red bike pretty closely and finally decided green. That bike of yours sure sounds smooth.

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