Is an XR100 too big for a 10 yr old girl?

I've actually got 3 girls, the youngest being 10. I want to buy something they can learn on and not outgrow right away. I'm just wondering if an XR 100 is too much bike to learn on? My other two daughters are 11 and 13. Chances are the 11 year old is the one who will use it more than anyone else.

Any opinions?

an xr100 sounds perfect! the most reliable bike in the world (except my xr75) lol

Not to bike at all ........

Not to bike at all ........

I'm assuming you mean.. "Not too big at all". :thumbsup:

I'm going to look at one tomorrow night! Thanks guys! If anyone else has anything to add do so within the next 24 hours! :moon:

I'm assuming you mean.. "Not too big at all". :moon:

uh..... yes! thats what I saw when I posted :thumbsup:

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