installing new kill switch???

Hi all,

After my kill switch died (on my yamaha wr 250), I went on e-bay and found a moose racing one--brand new---same as I saw on rockymountain ATV. Anyone know how you install this thing? It says: no wire splicing, fits OEM---I must be missing something--something OBVIOUS (but not to me). The OEM has a plastic 'plug' at the far end (from the kill button) that fits into an adapter. The moose racing one has metal ends that do not look like they fit. There must be an easy answer or they wouldn't sell any of these--I thought I'd post here before contacting either Moose racing or the seller---Thanks Brian

the kill button with the 2 bullet connectors (1 male and 1 female) like you ordered is meant to fit 2-stroke YZ's and WR's (as well as other japanese motorcycles).

someone correct me if i'm wrong here, but i believe that all 4-stroke YZ's and WR's have a single plastic connector.

you can buy the correct factory part from your dealer for under $50.

Thanks for the reply--you are correct the kill switch I was sold is for a YZ--I e-mailed Moose racing----I contacted the e-bay guy (the ride shop) and he was great---Apparently Moose did not inform him of the changes. Ther are also others on e-bay selling the switch I got and advertizing it as a WR 250F part---The guy took the part back and payed for the return shipping. The correct kill switch will cost a bit more ($23.95) but that is a reasonable price. The nice thing about this guy is he charges less than $2 for shipping. Most of the OEM shops on line charge $4-9 to ship a $20 part! I highly recommend "The ride shop" on e-bay (store). All the best, Brian:banana:

My kill switch broke and I just cut the wire at the plug and taped it. I just use the main switch assy to turn it off.

As far as I know all bike kill switches simply earth the ignition. Its the easiest way of doing it which is good because its bloody easy to make a kill switch yourself. Any push button contact will work.

So if its one wire its earthed through the bar clamps and if its two wires it doesnt really matter which one goes to the existing wire and which one goes to earth as it is just a simple push button contact. I rigged up a mates "kill switch" on his RM cause he lost it when he pulled the bike apart. It was just a stripped wire hanging next to his bars :bonk: Of course we fixed it later but it did its job for the day.

Just an FYI if anyone has kill switch problems

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