2002 XR/CRF 80 - Rear Tire

My son and I just bought his first bike this weekend and this forum will be a great help! We need to replace the worn rear stock tire (IRC 3.6 X 14) on the bike. We are looking at the Dunlop 756 90/100 X 14 as a replacement. Will we have any trouble with rubbing or fitment? Thanks.

my dad and i didn't have a tire tool thing, so we were stuck with screw drivers and chizles to get the tires off and on. it was one somebiotch.

I installed the same size on my daughters 2003 XR80. Only I used a Michelin Starcross MH3 90/100X14. It fits great and hooks up in the dirt really nice. The Michelin is about twice as heavy built as that IRC it comes with. It will hold up well and can be turned around for better traction down the road. Hope this helps.:thumbsup:

The Michelin Starcross looks like a good option for a rear tire as well. I was a bit concerned about the tire diameter of the 90/100 size increase and any potential rubbing on the front of the swingarm notch. What replacement tire did you end up using on your daughters front? I have read some posts about swapping the stock front wheel for a 17" front off an early 80's model CR80 for more front tire options.

I have the 756 on my 80. It did rub a little on the plastic mud flap when it was new due to a taller profile than stock, but after some chain stretch and tire wear its fine. It might be a tight squeeze inside the swingarm so make sure the wheel is trued up good and don't trust the hash marks on the axle.

On the front of the 80 there are not many choices. I looked all over for a front tire, and ended up going to Honda for the original IRC. It's not a bad tire, but it is lighter built then say a big name brand. I think a saw someware that you could put the front forks and wheel assy of a XR/CRF 100 on the bike to have a ton more tire choices. I think the forks will slide rite into the tripel tree. You might have to look for the tread to confirm the fork and tire combo. :thumbsup:

Thanks Guys!

Since our bike is a 2002, the chain has probably stretched from it's stock position, so the taller profile of the 90/100X14 rear should just make the fit. We mainly ride in softer dirt and trail (not much hardpack) so the 756 seemed to fit our terrain the best.

We'll keep running the stock IRC front for now and then determine if it is worth swapping fork legs or tire sizes down the road.

I put a set of Cheng Shin's on our 80, and have to say I am very impressed with them-they don't wear, they have good traction, and the price can't be beat.

Same with me

We ended up going with the rear Dunlop 756 90/100 X 14. It looks great, fits just fine, and provides impressive traction. We got the old tire off the rim and the new tire mounted using 3 tire levers, but after all of the time and effort that we spent mounting the new rear tire, I believe it would have been worth paying the local shop to do it.

I put a set of Cheng Shin's on our 80, and have to say I am very impressed with them-they don't wear, they have good traction, and the price can't be beat.

I was mistaken...our 80 has Kenda Trakmaster's on it. :smirk:

But my impression is still the same, just mixed up what bike has what tires. :thinking:

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