i wanted to take the battery out for a race to loose a few lbs. is it true if i take it out and kick start it without the battery in it will fry my electical system? i just want to know if it will hurt my dirt bike so i won't have to fix it.:thumbsup:



Nope, I've been running sans battery for months without any problem. My battery died and I didn't want to drop $90 on a new one right now, so I just pulled it for the weight savings. I never have a problem starting my bike by kicking it. The only thing you might want to do is make sure the battery leads aren't touching, although I never bothered to do that.

hey thanks for the help

Just wrap mthe batt connectors with elec tape, to be on the safe side.

i heard if the battery was taken out it would over charge the electrical system.

not at all....

Will the lights still work without the battery?

Yes the stock light will still work. The stator has two seperate circuits one unregulated voltage for the headlight and another regulated for bat charging.

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