Sound level for Yosh with TEC inserts

Has anyone sound tested a yosh stainless slip on with the small TEC tip? I want to enter an enduro race but the sound limit is 92dB>

Do a search on Excite for "Yoshimura+DRZ+Slip+On" and you will find an article about sound testing. I just read it myself.

Do you have a link to that or any more info. I tried a few searches on and couldn't find it.



This was posted some time back, and I think was talked about recently too. Anyways, here's the juicy part:

Originally posted by rparks:

Here is the simple truth as told by our dyno-

Stock Suzuki Exhaust: 38.4HP 92.6 dB

Yoshimura Full Exhaust: 41.5 HP 100.3 dB with SA

40.8 HP 96.7 dB with Medium TEC

40.2HP 92.3 dB with Low TEC

What the dyno does not tell you is how you can feel the difference. Throttle response is drastically improved. Also there are substantial jumps in midrange power that you can see on a dyno chart. An aftermarket exhaust is worth every penny.

Thanks for that info. I can definitely feel an increase in performance on my stock 01400s with the Yosh slip-on. Small tip = small increase, medium tip = medium increase, no tip = big increase. I plan to re-jet & air box mod soon. Is there any way to pack this pipe to make sure I pass a 92dB sound test? Maybe some type of packing that will burn away and not clog the tip?

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