2004 CR125 Plastics

I am wanting to change the plastics/ color scheme on my 2004 CR125. I currently have the blue and yellow and I am wanting to go to white. with a black seat. WHere is the best place to to get all new plastics????

Thanks. But i already have that one. Are there any others that you know of??

Just trying to compare.

judging by the lack of response, I don't think there are any other options...most replacement plastic for that era is OEM color, may be wrong however...good luck j.

MOTOPLASTICS has the best prices I've found.

Bills mc plus also sells kits a little higher priced.

Dennis kirk only has blue and yellow.

Thanks guys. I say that Bills carried some. I will have to compare his prices to some others and see if it comes out to be cheaper since his shop is only like 5 miles from my house.

What about sticker kits. Motoplastics only has one. Are there any other styles for that body.

Point of contact at Powersportgrafx is Patrick. He is great to deal with.

Regards to all,


I got the Rear Panels , BRAND NEW ~ $30 plus shipping

Original OEM Husqvarna Parts !


Hi where did you find the rear panels for 30$ ?


My son went with UFO plastics that he purchased through Hall's. He went with blue radiator shrouds and white fenders and side number plates. He even changed out the '04 rear fender with the '07 upswept fender and replaced the stock 04 enduro front number plate with an '07 motocross plate. It turned out pretty nice. Everything bolted right up except the front number plate and it just took a little work to fabricate a bracket.

One of these days I'll figure out how to post pictures and put one up here.

I hope you figure it out, I would love to see how it looks! :)

Okay, I'm technically challenged, but here goes...js5bgfsh

Work with me here...



As you can see, at the time these pictures were taken, the bike didn't have any graphics on it. But yes, it's a 2004. It has an '07 front fender, front number plate, and rear fender. It has a black GUTS gripper seat cover. Since then, I went down to the local graphics shop and had them duplicate the white Husqvarna name in italics and put that across the top of the radiator shrouds. It looks pretty good and it was all my then 13 year old son's idea.

We just dropped a custom built 155 big bore kit in it. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can get it jetted up right and take it to the woods!

Looks sharp!

What about sticker kits. Motoplastics only has one. Are there any other styles for that body.

Blackbird racing still make nice aftermarket stuff for the Huskys,

Husky_250's new 125 has a kit..


We use PG, the same one mentioned earlier. powersportgrafx.com

They're a bit pricey, but it's good quality stuff that holds up well.

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