Engine Oil Capacity 2008 KLX450R???

I removed both the oil drain plugs and drained the oil.

Loosened the exhaust pipe to reach the oil filter.

removed and changed the oil filter.

Now my question is... the manual says

when the filter is removed it takes 1.14 quarts.

and then it says when the engine is completely dry it takes 1.37 quarts.

So I've installed the new oil filter now how much oil do i measure out to put back in the engine???:thumbsup:

There is a nice procedure in the manual on how to fill it with oil. I generally fill it till I see it part way up the site glass. Then run the bike, let it cool for 30 minutes and top it off mid way up the site glass.. Worked so far...

this is exactly what i do, works great.

gonna try it that way...

Pretty sure that is the methoed in the manual also. Just worded a little simpler.

when you are draining the oil,if you tip the bike to right you will get more of the old oil out of the motor, the further you tip it the more you will get out,,,, dont know why,,:moon: :moon: but i figger the more of the old crap you get out the better!!!!! might have some thing to do with the cases???

any way let me know if im wrong:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i do this in both directions, leaning as for over as i can get it, moving the oil pan and tipping the bike at the same time.

now i need to know where is the pilot screw and how do i adjust it to #48?

pilot screw or pilot jet, if jet, it is next to the main in the buffer plate, look at a keihin FCR carb.diagram sheet. and no adjusting, (replacing).

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