Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack and dirt Bagz

Has anybody tried mounting Dirt Bagz on a 400S with a Pro Moto Billet Cargo rack?

I have the same rack but have never tried anything other than a bag of some type strapped to the rack. Sorry. I hope to see some cool options posted on this thread though.

Thanks. I guess I'll just get the Dirt Bagz and see how they work with the rack. No matter what, I'm sure I can make them fit with the appropriate combination of cutting, bending and welding.......:thumbsup:

Thanks for the idea. It looks like you did a nice job on that setup. I should probably put a little more thought in to it over the off-season. I was going to strap a duffel on the rack in conjunction with the Dirt Bagz for over night trips.

Let us know how it goes. I've got the same rack and have been thinking about getting some Dirt Bagz.

Hey Remarksman I just wanted to let you know I called the Dirt Bagz people today to ask about mounting them with the Pro Moto rack. They said there would be no issues as they use different mounting points. I am going to order a set. I'll post some pics when I have them on.

I have a Pro-moto rack on my 2009 DRZ400S & ordered a Wolfman "wolf tail" rear bag to go on it. The front mounting holes on the bag line up almost perfectly with the front holes on the rack, so I threaded them to 6.0 x 1mm & bolted it down with stainless round head hex screws. The back two holes on the bag were a tad off from lining up, so I just used the stock bungie cords to mount the rear. Works great & it ain't going anywhere.

This bag has a ton of room inside, 3 big outer zippered compartments for tools, tube, & spare parts, it also had a zippered expandable top that allows it to hold even more. I swear this thing would hold a half-rack & ice no problem (probably more). Wolfman makes some quality products that look like they will last.

I too plan on getting the Dirt bag Ranger setup & probably the Wolfman Enduro tank bag too.

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