wiring offroad lights

What is the PROPER way to wire up some offroad lights??? i have an 88 cherokee...building a safari rack and would like to put 4 in front, maybe 2 in the rear, and maybe 2 on the bumper. i know i may have to go with a bigger alternator. but what if i run leds? do they draw lower amps??? but mostly i want to know the proper way to wire em(fuses, relays, switch, where to tap into power, etc) thank ya folks

I'm running 4 8" KC lights on my '00 F250 and fortunately didn't need to upgrade the alternator. About the only thing I can recommend as far as wiring (I wired mine up years ago and can't remember the details) is to wire them with a relay in line with your headlights. I did that purely for the headlight chime when the keys are off, that way I know I'm not going to run my battery down should I accidentally leave the switches on.

Relays and switches!

Contacts of the relays get wired to the lights via fuses and the coil of the relay gets wired to the switch. The switch power can come from an accessory circuit the is only powered when the key is ON.

Do this.


Exactly as above or get an illuminating switch and run the two powers to it. Make sure your switch power(s) has fuse protection too (whether from the box or adding one in line). Small wires start fires as well.

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