shipping bike from ohio to florida. has anyone...

... tried this? i'm trying to find the best way, but i don't really have any idea. any good advice is appreciated.


$400 one way isn't cheap. there has to be a better way!?

There are alot of people from this area that go to bike week this time of the year. You might be able to find someone with extra room going to bike week or the vintace nationals. I am not going to bike week this year i will post if i run across anyone. This might be an option

Check out this site to see some people who advertise as motorcycle transporters. Also, my brother-in-law recently bought a bike on Ebay and had it transported. He was happy with the service and cost. I'll post that company as soon as I get it.

My brother-in-law recently had a bike shipped from Iowa City to Mississippi by Three Jokers, Inc.

He was very pleased with their performance. They ship bikes all over the country, uncrated, with all fluids still in the bike.

He paid $450 to have it shipped.

Where in Ohio to where in Florida. I am going to Bike Week and I may have room. Actually I am going down an The 19th or 20th of Feb. until Mar.10th. Post if you still need help. I may have room some of the other guys are still unconfirmed.MIKE

Thanks much for the offer, but i'll be heading down Friday the 31st of January and i'll only be staying the weekend.

for all of those who might be interested, had by far the best quote for one way shipping, but i did not call to confirm it... $190. the best option that i could find aside from that was to break the bike down into 3 peices and ship it UPS or FedEx. all options aside from these were friggin insane! i was quoted by a motorcycle shipping company $800 each way!!!! :D i just don't understand how i can fly my butt down there for $200 RT, but to ship my steed costs double. :)

I'm shipping my new CRF450 from Toledo to Austin for $200 on Forward Air from HondaEast. I'm having trouble with insuring the bike during shipping though. Forward Air will not insure it. The dealer ask me to sign a waiver which I modified to stipulate "waived subject to insurance". Progressive Ins. says its insured for damage not theft. Is there an implied contract to deliver the bike by Forward Air? Will someone insure for theft? Any help out there?

Honda East shipped me an RM85 to SFO for $150. It arrived in perfect shape. As far as theft, I think forward air is responsible for it until you take delivery and sign for it?Their forklift driver loaded the crate in my trailer, he would not let me open the crate until I signed for it, but he waited there while I popped the top off the crate to make sure there was no damage.

We use Forward air to ship bikes across the country, and it never costs much more than a couple hundred dollars. The biggest thing is they will nto accept anything that is not crated. Tell ya what, if you crate it, and drop it off at my shop in Delaware, Ohio I can get it shipped using our account, and save you a few bucks. I will need a waiver signed saying that you crated it, and we would not be responsible damage due to packaging. We also ship bikes all over the world, so if anybody needs that done we can do that as well.


a sincere thanks for the offer, but i'm leaving for FL friday and don't have the time to get the bike crated and to you, but i will certainly keep you in mind next time.

There appears to be some confusion here. I used Forward Air a couple of years ago to ship a WR400F from SC to WA state. It was $178 and the crated weight was around 500 lbs (beefy crate!). I had a TTR125 shipped from a dealership in Ohio to SC last month and the dealer charged me $150, but I don't know if he ate part of the shipping.

When I go to the Forward Air web site, I get a qoute of $362.25 from the midwest to SC. This seemed awfully high compared to my past experiences with them so I called them to make sure I wasn't missing something. The fellow told me they have gone from a dimensional rate formula to a flat rate for motorcycles and that the $362.25 was correct.

My question is, those of you that are getting Forward Air to ship for a couple hundred bucks now, do you have commercial accounts or what? I see that some are getting bikes from Honda East and I assume they have a commercial account. Emanohio, you mention using your account, so I'm beginning to think that there must be a substantial discount available for these accounts. What do they require to set up an account? Like I said, they assured me that it would be almost $400 shipping, so I know they aren't going to do it for me for $200.

I can't see $400 for a crate the size of a bike to go 600-700 miles when I can get a full 50' flat bed loaded with 45,000 lbs of steel all the way across the country for $1400.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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