On the fence with buying a new bike....

Hey guys I am on the fence in whether to buy a RMZ 450 or KXF 450. This season I raced the A class on a kxf 450, and I had awesome luck with the motor holding up and nothing going wrong and the power is great, but I have to say that I had the suspension done and put the lower link in and it still turns pretty crappy. I know that the Suzukis have been known for great turning charastics. What do you guys think? I would appreciate people who know and have rode a new kxf 450 so I have something to go on, Thanks

You have seem the the threads and you know who evryone feels about the 09 KXF, a true confidence inspiring machine.

At your level you should now people who would let you try their bike. Ride them both and check the contingency money available for each brand, and you will have enough to make your decision.

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